NewsMar 03 2021

Portfolio Company Spotlight: Supply Chain Agility in the Time of COVID-19 — Shapeways

At the height of the pandemic, a wave of rapid innovation bolstered New York City’s response to COVID-19. New York’s community of entrepreneurs and business leaders quickly rallied together to support front-line workers and respond to critical supply chain needs. Advanced manufacturing technology was a key player in meeting the demand — and is transforming the way we all think about production in a post-pandemic world.

The team at Partnership Fund portfolio company Shapeways was among the innovators pitching in to respond to the crisis. With manufacturing facilities in Long Island City and the Netherlands, Shapeways has become a global leader in advanced additive manufacturing. We caught up with Shapeways CEO Gregory Kress to discuss how his team leveraged 3D printing technology to produce personal protective equipment (PPE) and other emergency medical supplies to help out during COVID-19.